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Cape Coral, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
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Musa at Daniels - Fort Myers, FL
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Who is USA Property Dealer?

USA Property Dealer is a group of real estate minded professionals looking to empower investors with simple, yet proven, strategies and opportunities. Focused primarily on Single & Multi Family foreclosure, REO and short sales, USA Property Dealer's founders circle consists of seasoned investors, attorneys, tax specialists, and others, with combined experience of over 55 years in successfully navigating the complex world known as real estate investing.

Our charge is to empower our clients to achieve success through purchasing and retaining or reselling properties by offering them a unique gateway to some of the finest foreclosure, REO and short sale properties nationwide.

How Does USA Property Dealer Work?

USA Property Dealer's model and mission are simple. We seek out the very best properties all over the country, and we provide properties that are quality in nature. Thus, if our clients want to retain the property in their portfolio, they know they are investing in secure and quality real estate. If our client has created a cash flow model, they can rest assured they have invested in profitable opportunity and have a company willing to back them up.

Our process is straightforward. We search through hundreds and hundreds of bank and county auctions all over the country on a daily basis, identify the auctions that have the best crop of quality properties, and then assign our staff of researchers to conduct due diligence on each property

Why USA Property Dealer?

As mentioned above, our objective is to deliver a product to clients that is tangible, and can be utilized to create true financial gain. Our mantra is simple: buy low, sell high, and work smart.

For the same reason Costco can provide less expensive items, USA Property Dealer can provide properties at a fraction of the cost because we buy in bulk. Our efficient system allows our professional team to make on site visits and buy at dozens of auctions in the same amount of time that it would take one person to attend an auction and make a couple purchases themselves.

By having professionals that know how to extract information quickly and efficiently, we can research hundreds of properties in the days leading up to the auction, then purchase large quantities the next day during the actual auction itself. USA Property Dealer is dedicated to finding the best possible products to place before our clients, which would allow them to create profit for themselves.

Being focused exclusively on foreclosure, REO and short sale properties allows us to go after the best markets, and uncover the best deals, thereby providing a product which our clients can trust and rely on. Our staff of professionals are well versed in the various laws, and due diligence processes in all the locations from where we purchase.

Where is USA Property Dealer?

USA Property Dealer is located in Naples, Florida. Our partners come from diverse locations all over the world and have been involved in almost every type of real estate commerce. While these partners now call Florida home, they hail from locations such as England, Washington D.C., Nevada, Chicago, New Zealand, and California.


We now have a new program for Agent and Brokers to offer our Live Inventory on their own websites!

If you are interested in offering USA Properties to your local or International customers, please contact us for more information.


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